The U.S. DOE Clean Cities Program coordinators from the southeastern region


The Fuels Fix is a rootin' tootin' collaborative effort of all the U.S. DOE Clean Cities Program coalitions in the United States working together to spread the word about actions that are taking place to reduce oil dependence, improve air quality and get advanced fuels, vehicle and vehicle technologies in use.

The Ezine is a quarterly collection of stories from all over the U.S. about alternative fuels, hybrids, conservation and efficiency initiatives, emissions reducing technologies, and similar news from the coordinators themselves.

The Fix was started in early 2008 when Jonathan Overly (East TN coordinator) and former VA coordinator Chelsea Jenkins decided it was a worthwhile undertaking to spread the news of Clean Cities happenings.

We are proud to show you our handy work and the efforts of all the hard workers that are helping to make a difference in and for the United States of America.

Contact Overly here:
  • Jonathan Overly, Publisher & Senior Editor
    Executive Director, East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition

Target the alternative fuels market via the Fix. Our quarterly publication is dispersed through our email list and through Clean Cities and other partners to thousands of stakeholders and members around the country.

Please see our Media kit, then contact Jonathan or Melissa Goldberg to inquire about getting your information in front of proactive companies and individuals in the U.S. through the Fuels Fix.

  • Jonathan Overly
    Publisher / Senior Editor / Webmaster

    Executive Director, East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition

  • Melissa Goldberg
    Editor / Social Media Manager

    Project Manager, East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition

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